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Boil Water Notice: 2/18/21

Austin Water has now issued a boil water notice for the entire city to include our location prior to using it for drinking, cooking, washing, or brushing teeth. It is recommended that you use bottled water if your water cannot be boiled. The official notice is copied below.

We appreciate your patience and vigillance during this difficult time,

Your Windsor South Lamar Team

Official Notice Language

A city-wide boil water notice has been issued due to power loss at The Ullrich Water Treatment Plant, Austin Water’s largest water treatment facility, and drops in water pressures below minimum standards. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has required Austin Water to notify all customers to boil their water prior to consumption (e.g., washing hands/face, brushing teeth, drinking, etc). Children, seniors, and persons with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to harmful bacteria, and all customers should follow these directions.

To ensure destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes, water for drinking, cooking, and ice making should be boiled and cooled prior to use for drinking water or human consumption purposes. The water should be brought to a vigorous rolling boil and then boiled for two minutes.

In lieu of boiling, individuals may purchase bottled water or obtain water from some other suitable source for drinking water or human consumption purposes.

When it is no longer necessary to boil the water, Austin Water will notify customers that the water is safe for drinking water or human consumption purposes.

Once the boil water notice is no longer in effect, Austin Water will issue a notice to customers that rescinds the boil water notice in a manner similar to this notice.

Winter Storm Update: 2/18/21 8:25pm CST

Due to current weather conditions and in the interest of our team's safety, the leasing office will open tomorrow, February 19th, from 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Although we will not be in the office, assisting you is our top priority. For maintenance emergencies, please call (844) 507-9617. Your call will be answered by a live answering service and one of our maintenance associates will personally respond to your call.


Winter Storm Update: 2/17/21 9:55pm

Winter Storm Update - As of 2/16/21 (Updated)

As the Austin winter storm event progresses it is possible that the city of Austin may need to make the decision to require boiling of the water or suspend the water supply.

As a precaution, we recommend any apartments that have water to fill all available containers including your bathtub, sinks, bowls, ice chests, and pitchers immediately. This will allow you to have water to drink as well as flush your toilet.

For City of Austin water updates visit

We are in this together,

Your Windsor South Lamar Team

Winter Storm Update - As of 2/16/21

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